Put the second Bruno the Bandit book on your "Most Wanted" list!

Bruno Most WantedYes, the second glorious Bruno the Bandit collection is now available!  The rollicking saga of Bruno Bunkleyutz, and his micro-dragon sidekick Fiona continues, as they butt heads with all their old enemies... and make a few new ones in the process.  Several of your favorite stories are collected in this slim, elegant, portable volume, including (by popular demand) the unforgettable and thought-provoking No Offense! storyline!  As well, world-famous (and worldly-wise) cartoonist Pete Abrams, creator of Sluggy Freelance ,  provides the insightful introduction.

Under the auspices of Plan Nine Publishing, each book has been painstakingly assembled in the finest Old World tradition by master European craftsmen.  It is guaranteed to bring you and your family closer together, while providing you with hours of delightful entertainment.  This book's gonna sell like the proverbial hotcakes, so you better snag yours NOW, before some less deserving soul gets it!

And, as a bonus to you, each copy of Bruno Most Wanted contains an 8 page F ULL -CO LOR story, called "Do The Wrong Thing Right".  'Tis  a rip-snortin', rootin'-tootin', gut-bustin' giggle-fest that features our Bruno as a young lad, about to learn some tough lessons in life.   Alas, this story is available only in Bruno Most Wanted!  But fear not, Frantic One!  Just click on the link, conveniently placed below, to order your copy today!

Order Bruno Most Wanted at the Plan Nine Publishing website

And, in case you missed it...
Bruno the Bandit: Now on sale!

Bruno the BanditYes indeedy, the very first Bruno the Bandit book collection is now available in convenient, easy-to-read book format, courtesy of those wacky guys and gals at Plan Nine Publishing !  It's 152 pages of fantabulous fun, fantasy, and farcical frivolity, brought to you by your cartoonist pal Ian McDonald !  No longer do you have to go online in order to read Bruno's earliest and greatest sagas!  The first 17 of 'em have been collected in a gorgeous paperback edition, that you'll treasure for decades to come!  Includes several bonus illustrations, and a few surprises!

Rounding out this volume is a glorious 6 page bonus story, entitled SUNA CITY !!  You have never seen Bruno so shocking, so savage, so... silly.  A powerful, unforgettable noir tale that packs a punch!!

The story: a black, bitter night in Suna.  A vengeful, violent bandit.  Bruno's got a bee in his bonnet, and there's gonna be Hell to pay!

Note: this sordid tale will never be uploaded to the Bruno the Bandit website.  If you wanna read it, you simply gots to order the book!

Order Bruno the Bandit at the Plan Nine Publishing website

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