My 1998 Boitday Card

I'm not sure who that bespectacled weirdo behind Bruno's right shoulder right shoulder is, but I pretty much figured out who everyone else is. The question is, can you? Mike and I have come up with a contest: if you can identify all the cartoon characters that Mike placed in this card, Mike will send you a promo copy of his soon-to-be-released self-published comic book The Journals of Simon Pariah. All you have to do is e-mail Mike your answers, and a soon-to-be-valuable copy of this incredible book will be yours! (Extra points for anyone who can tell him what painting inspired this illustration.)

(Two quick notes: First, see the mouse below a certain comic strip engineer's right arm? That's supposed to be Phil, from a local comic strip called The Mice Squad. Thought I should mention that, as most of you probably wouldn't be familiar with him. As for the rest, well, you're on your own...

Secondly, if you entered this contest a little while ago, when it was running on my old GeoCities site, and never got a response from Mike, it's because he's been having computer troubles lately, and lost a lot of data off his hard drive, including your e-mail address, most likely.  So be sure to e-mail him again, and remind him to send forth your prize.)

But aw heck, if you e-mail Mike, and simply ask him for a copy of his book, he may just send it out to ya! He's just that nice a guy! But act now: quantities are limited, as they say on TV. And tell him Bruno sent ya!

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