Rothland Tribune
Clonin to Tour Rothland
by Earvin R. Howard

Fresh from his recent whirlwind tour of the Hyperborean Kingdoms, world-renowned reaver Clonin the Barbarian today announced that he would be making a stop at Rothland on his way to pillage the fabled treasures of Kush.  Clonin, whose adventures have been chronicled in books, comics, feature films, and Saturday morning cartoons, has become a household name for his bravery, integrity, and honor in an age of decadent commercialism.  Just what are this wild-maned bullock's plans for his stay in Rothland?  "Well," he told

my new breakfast cereal."
As an afterthought, he added, "Oh....And I plan to kill Bruno the Bandit."
As yet, there has been no response from the legendary Bandit on this statement, but Clonin fans can rest assured that they are in for a good night's reaving from this iron-thewed berserker.

Sounds like good entertainment to me.

staff reporter Samoth Yor, "I plan to tread your jewelled kingdom under my sandaled feet, crush your citizens and see them driven before me, and hear the lamentation of their women, do some sightseeing and promote
Classifieds and Personals
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MISSING!  One royal crown.  Last seen adorning the royal pate.  Finder please return to King Xerxes castle.  This item has tremendous sentimental value.  One package of Pokemon cards offered as reward.

OCTAVIA!  Beloved!  I miss you....come home and all will be forgiven.  -Delevan

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UNTALENTED HACK seeks cartoon work.  Will work for sandwiches.  Have own hammer.  Contact: Erchan the Barbarized, second ditch  past the rubbish bin.

WANTED!  One virgin for magical ceremony, deflowering, ritual sacrifice and light housekeeping.  No counterfeits.  Apply in person to Rashaverak.

THE END IS COMING!!!.....Oh...'s here.


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