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Homestar Runner - Ladies and Gentlemen, this website is the reason Al Gore invented the Internet!  These cartoons are Chicken Soup for the Funnybone!  Be sure not to miss the Strongbad e-mails, Teen Girl Squad, and the best music video ever!!

Beastly Thoughts - Superlative single panel funnies, from the devious mind of Joyce Melton!

El Goonish Shive - One of the most bizarre (and coolest) comics on Keenspot!  Brought to you thrice weekly by Dan Shive

Waxtadpoles Anonymous - Somewhat autobiographical comics by the incomparable Blayne Scott!

PopCap Games - Warning: stay the hell away from this site if you don't have any time to waste!!  These games will chew up your time like it's going out of style!

The Cream of the Crop

Plan Nine Publishing - the guys who are publishing the Bruno the Bandit collection deserve the top spot.  They publish the "dead-tree" versions of several of the best strips on the Internet.  Go to the site, and buy one copy of each book there.  You'll thank me later. :-)
The Journals Of Simon Pariah - this webpage, by my friend Mike Dominic offers a tantalizing glimpse at his online comic book.  Simon Pariah is an immortal wanderer, who appears at various times in our world's history, sometimes playing a small role, sometimes just observing.  A terrific concept, with stellar artwork!

Sluggy Freelance- If you've never before heard of this strip featuring two clueless young men, their long-suffering lady friend, a psychotic switchblade-wielding bunny, a ravenous alien, and a hyperactive ferret, then you, my friend, are in for a treat.  The scary part is that I don't think creator Pete Abrams has hit his stride yet.  Yes, the strip is nifty, and you will worship it.  Updated daily.  Not only did I create Kiki Shrugged, the Ayn Rand-inspired Sluggy story I wrote and drew while Pete took a vacation, I'm currently drawing Meanwhile In the Dimension of Pain for Pete on (most) Saturdays!  To see the first MITDOP strip, click here!

The Dilbert Zone- check out the daily adventures of Scott Adams' hapless comics creation. For my money, Dilbert is the best syndicated comic strip on the go today. If you work in an office environment, guaranteed you'll see yourself in this strip.

Calvin and Hobbes - possibly the best syndicated comic strip ever created. Bill Watterson is a genius. A strip that is sorely missed, but can be enjoyed again at this link.
As well, I urge you to read "The Cheapening of the Comics", the text of a speech Bill Watterson once gave. This speech may partially explain why Watterson is no longer working on Calvin and Hobbes. It'll also give you an idea as to why I am no longer actively seeking a syndicated spot for Bruno.

Freefall- my favorite internet-only comic strip, written and drawn by Mark Stanley. Would kick ass on any newspaper's comics page, if any of the major syndicates were willing to take a chance on a science fiction comic strip. Updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Kevin and Kell- great strip by Bill Holbrook, a pioneer in the Internet comics field (and fellow Plan Nine cartoonist).  Kevin is a brawny rabbit, Kell is a petite she-wolf.  Despite their differences, they've fallen in love, and have a successful (if somewhat bizarre) marriage.  Updated daily.  Also, Bill is responsible for two superb syndicated comic strips.  Call your local newspaper and demand they start running On the Fastrack, and Safe Havens, if they aren't already.

Sheldon- irresistible daily comic strip by Dave Kellett, about a 10 year old billionaire computer whiz-kid, his talking duck, and his grandfather.  I was thoroughly charmed by this one, as you will be.  Great artwork, terrific writing, and now syndicated!

Superosity- another classic internet-only comic strip by the talented Chris Crosby, that can at best be described as brutally funny.  Think of it as a cross between Bloom County and The Simpsons.  Runs in glorious color 7 days a week, with a full-size Sunday strip.

Toy Trunk Railroad- it's impossible not to like this wonderfully offbeat daily comic strip by fellow Plan Niner Erik Sansom, featuring the adventures of a toy-train hobbyist, his wife, and the people who live in the train's small world.  All aboard!

Tom the Dancing Bug- I'm still scratching my head over how a weekly comic strip as good as this one managed to get syndicated. Cartoonist Ruben Bolling must be blackmailing someone. Whatever the case, Tom is a fantastic strip that cracks me up just about every time I read it. Some of the best satire you'll ever read can be found here.

Hyperbooks- terrific online bookstore run by Terry Austin, specializing in science fiction and fantasy material.  If Terry doesn't have what you're looking for, chances are, nobody does!

Phlip C. Plumlee's Home Page - Some of  the most bizarre and inventive comics and fiction you'll ever encounter in this reality, or any other. Is creator Phlip C. Plumlee a genius, or a raving lunatic (or a bit of both)? Click the link, and decide for yourself.  Also, read Hat Trick, Phlip's latest!

The Comics I Don't Understand Page- definitely one of my favorite websites. Each week, Bill Bickel features several comic strips on this page: strips which he assumes are meant to be funny, but which he just didn't get. Readers are invited to e-mail Bill with explanations (or best guesses, anyway) as to what the featured strips are about. You are also encouraged to submit any puzzling comic strips that you come across. I just hope Bruno ain't one of them. ;-)

The Sunday Comix- a great collection of some of the best Internet comic strips you will ever come across. You could spend hours at this site. Not only is webmaster Angus Elijah helping to pay for the comics he hosts, he's also in the process of putting together a "comicspaper" of sorts, and Bruno the Bandit will be part of it.

Thieves & Kings- This is the official website for Thieves & Kings, a bi-monthly comic book written, drawn, and published by Mark Oakley. For my money, Thieves & Kings is the best comic book on the go today. This site provides you with a thorough introduction to the T&K world, with plenty of background on the characters and setting, artwork samples, and of course, a place to order the books.  If you like Bruno, I can guarantee that you'll enjoy Thieves & Kings.

Knights of the Dinner Table - this comic book/strip is a must-read for RPG'ers, or even for anyone who likes a good laugh.  I have recently become a rabid fan of the Knights. To sample the strip for yourself, click here to read the online version.  And if that ain't enough for ya, there's always...

HoodyHoo Cartoons- episodes from KoDT, done as Flash animations.  Excellent stuff!  Roll for initiative, Monkey-boy!

General Protection Fault- cool techie strip by Jeff Darlington. Join Nick, Fooker, Dwayne, Ki, and trhe nefarious Trudy for some high-tech yuks!  Best of all, the strip features two, count 'em, two talking slime molds!! GPF now runs 7 days a week, with the  Sunday strips in full color.

The Aphelion Webzine- a site featuring some spectacular science fiction and fantasy stories from some of today's most promising writers. If you're looking for tomorrow's Robert Jordan, Isaac Asimov, or Anne McCaffrey, you may just find them here...

SETI@Home- now you can use your computer to help in the search for signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.  The more computers we have working on the problem, the better a chance we have of finding something (if there's something to be found), so please, go to the site, and download the software.  Hey, your computer could be the one that makes one of the biggest discoveries of all time!

M.C. Escher- you may not know the name, but you've probably seen his artwork.  If you haven't, you're in for a treat.  Escher could best be described as the Einstein of graphic artists.  I am in awe of his work!  This site has a large gallery of his more intriguing works.

Book-A-Minute Science Fiction/Fantasy- Don't have time to read all the classics of science fiction and fantasy?  Well, worry no more!  Now you can read highly condensed versions of  the best known works of Fantasy and SF, each in under a minute!

HTML World- this webpage belongs to my nephew, Matthew Hancock.  He's at the age where he's almost as tall as I am, which means I can't beat him up any more.  In fact, he now beats me up, and after our last fight, he forced me to include his page here in the Cream of the Crop section.  Actually, it's a great page which includes plenty of information on HTML and JavaScript.  A good place to start for would-be webpage builders.  Okay Matthew, you can stop twisting my arm now...

Comic Strip/ Comic Book Sites

Absolute Tripe- a strip that is anything but absolute tripe, by Charles A. Englehard.
Absurd Notions- terrific strip by Kevin Pease, featuring the trials and tribulations of several young adults.
Acid Reflux- a comic strip for the god-like among you!  By Emily Bingham and Daniel Paramanoff
Aford Turtle- cooler than the Ninja Turtles or Franklin!  By Aaron Riddle
Algernon's Dilemma- wonderfully unique webstrip, inspired by the classics, such as Li'l Abner,  by Jim Alexander.
Alice!- Michael McKay-Fleming's wonderful strip about an imaginative girl and her best friend.
Ancient Messages- Katherine Nelson will rock your world with this fantasy strip.
Asylumworks- features Autumn Wind, a sprawling space epic, by George Manley

Bad Speller - from the warped mind of Tim Peckham, a fellow Newfoundlander...
Barstow Productions- Short stories, comic strips, and single panel 'toons abound here. includes The Imp- a comic strip that's really about Life In Hell.
Beastly Thoughts- Joyce Melton's skewed look at the world...
Bruno- yep, the other Bruno strip on the 'net!  By Christopher Baldwin.
Burnt Dog Radio- no dogs were burnt during the making of this comic.  By Robb Tanner

CardsUp- drop by, and have Vlad Kolarov take care of all your e-greeting card needs!
Clan of the Cats- a daily strip that is pure magic!  By Jamie Robertson
The Class Menagerie- Vince Suzukawa's wicked take on college life, from a different perspective.
College Roomies From Hell - imagine Friends, if H.P Lovecraft had gotten hold of it.  By Maritza Campos
Comic Asylum - where you may just giggle yourself silly!
CoyoteVille!- Life among the coyotes, by Steven Graziano.

Deathworld - demented comics from Rudi Gunther
Dela the Hooda - a she-fox in a small Canadian town.  Radical stuff from Style Wager and Greg Older
Dokie the Dog- he lives in a tree, has his own satellite dish, and a weather babe for an owner.  By Tony Ford
Drainwash - A fun site by Leo Cardoso.  Enjoy!
Dungeon Damage - another hit for your fantasy fix.  By Benjamin D. Richards

Elf Life- hang out with Baughb and the Elves.  By Carson Fire
Eyes Only - Cory Reeve's strip.  Keep your eyes on this one!

Gaming Guardians- when the cartoonist's name is Graveyard Greg, you know his strip is worth checking out! :-)
Ghostz- you'll catch Pac-Man fever all over again!  By Mark Gerrits
GREB- stands for Genetic Reject Employment Bureau.  A bizarre peek into the future, by Bryan Schuder

JoBeth- hey, there's a little JoBeth in all of us...

Katiko- a rock'n'roll chinchilla comic??  I'm intrigued, to say the least.  Coming in January 2000, by Jason Blair
KBComix- by Kurt Bargmann.  Features Plundger-Man.  Must be seen to be believed.
The Knight Errant- A weekly color comic strip by Shane Daley. Reminds me of Thieves & Kings.
Knights of the Old Coding- the (mis)adventures of some very familiar videogame faces.  By King Author.

LatexBLUE- may corrupt your soul.  Grownups only.  By Dragonfly
Life At Bayside- another cool college strip, by Curtis Berry.  When do these guys get time to study? :-)
Life At The O- understated humor and memorable characters here.  By Wayne Spencer
Limpidity- by Po Shan Cheah.  Has a huge archive, so you've got a night of great reading ahead

Man-Man Comics - a superhero with the powers of... an ordinary man!!!  By Matthew Shepherd and James Duncan
The Mr. Chuck Show - insanely funny strip by John Myers
Misty the Mouse - this well-endowed rodent is guaranteed to steal your heart!  Weekly strip, by Dutch.

Never Ending Quest- fabulously freaky fantasy strip, by Roberto Perez.
Newshounds   - daily comic strip by Thomas K. Dye. Some clever satire and cool characters here.
Nukees- very funny and intelligent strip about a group of nuclear engineering students.  By Darren "Gav" Bleuel

One Clown Short- cute and funny sci-fi strip from Frauke Nonnenmacher

Pewfell Porfingles- the adventures of a clueless wizard, and his sexy warrior wife. Funny fantasy, by Chuck Whelon!
Pillars Of Faith - if you've a thing for vampires, and those who hunt them, go here.  By William Adams.
Powerboy Station- a webcomic chock full of goofball superhero antics, from Herobolt!
Primative Origins-a unique concept, and  one of the coolest sites you'll ever come across!  by Matt Geuther
The PUDD- Action-packed fun, courtesy of  Randy Altamirano and Kenny Gartner

Regina Felina- This is one cool cat.  With wings, no less!  Daily strip, by David Lerner
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan- a must-read for fantasy fans!!  By Reinder Dijkhuis
Rotten Apples- by Jeff Paige.  You'll like them apples.  Now runs daily.
Rooney's Toons- David Rooney's comic strips, created on his computer. Worth a look.

Sebastian Studios- treasure trove of comics and fun stuff, courtesy of Sebastian Conley '
Soap On A Rope- very dry humor here, from Bob Roberds.  You'll laugh 'til you stop.
Socially Challenged - no, this strip is not about me, despite what the title suggests.
Soup- get it while it's hot!  Daily strip by Alun Clewe
Space Opera- Inventive and fun, like all space operas should be!  By Marie Del Rio and Lois Spangler.
S.S.D.D- by Alan Foreman.  Demented weekly comic strip.  You've been warned..
Stalag '99- freaky furry strip, set at the University of Maryland at College Park.  By STriker RedWolf.
Steve's Reads- Steve Bolhafner reviews of all the major comic books and graphic novels available today.
Click here to read Steve's review of Bruno the Bandit.
Suburban Jungle- the life and times of Tiffany Tiger, feline supermodel.  By John 'The Gneech" Robey

The Team - If you like action, adventure, and babes, this is a good place to start.  By Rosalin
Third Dementia - Bob, Judy, Niamh,and Toto are pounced through alternate realities by a space-time continuum dwelling cat
Toon Zone- Cartoons & competitions - updated daily!

Unlike Minerva - created by Terrence Marks, and drawn by a number of guest cartoonists.  Funny and original.
Urban Dragons- They are small, they are cute, and they live among us.  By Colin Scott McDonald

WEB! Comix!- They don't get much goofier than this, kids!  By A. Prosser

1/0- one of the truly original and innovative strips out there.  Don't miss it! a new type of web-strip, using photographs instead of 'toons.  Updated twice weekly.

Comics Oriented Sites

AstroNerdBoy's Comic Strips- another colossal collection of cool cyber-comic strips. Tell 'em Fiona sent ya!
The Cartoonists @ Large Index- created by Jeffrey Page. All sorts of cool stuff here!
Comics By E-mail- yep, get some of your favorite 'net comic strips sent to you via e-mail.
The Comics Directory - another great site to fill your comics needs.
Corbett Features-  five terrific comic strips you don't wanna miss!
Gravitywell Productions - a ton o' comix fun here!
MyComix.Com - a new comic strip resource.  Well-designed and informative.
The Professional Cartoonists' Index- a thorough list of comic strip links from Daryl Cagle.
A Smorgasbord Of Comic Books - well-designed site from Norway (but it's in English)
TannLine Online- Robb Tanner's fun and thorough online comix resource.
Webcomics From Canada- a list which I am proud to be part of, eh?

Fantasy/RPG-Oriented Sites

Elaine Corvidae  - fantasy author's web page.  Her book excerpts are a must-read.
The Crimson Gate- Step in, and let this MUD become your new gaming obsession!
The Evil Yet Strangely Hilarious Gallery Of Yog-Sothoth- Even if you're not a Lovecraft fan, you'll dig this page!
Dawnfire Games- a wonderful RPG that you simply must check out!
Brian Krebs' Shannara Page-  a site to check out if you're a fan (as I am) of Terry Brooks' Shannara novels.
The Terry Brooks Page-  by Michael Johnston.  Allanon himself would approve.
dFXWebs- a great website hosting service exclusively for RPG'ers.  Check it out, if you don't believe me.
Dragon Soup- you can count on a hearty helping of fantasy, SF and horror stories here.  Delicious!
Glomertam's Library  - provides resources for AD&D and Champions (Hero System).  Great for RPG'ers.
Middle Oerth- RPG's Sacred Cows get roasted in this offbeat site from Garry Sled.
Flash- A terrific Geman fantasy,SF, horror fanzine, courtesy of Heike and Winfried Brand.  Heike is also doing the German translation of Bruno (see below).
Dice Tales- war stories for the veteran gamer.

Wallace Ryan's Sites

The Plutonium Blonde- an interactive sci-fi detective story, which Wallace did the art for.
The Narrow Way - details of Wallace's planned graphic novel about his grandfather's experiences in World War I.
Editorial Cartoons- that Wallace did for our local paper The Telegram.

David Schumacher's Sites


Project Zebula - online strip about writing a novel
Greek/Roman - philosophical online strip
Inchi Oneline - online strip about, uh... we're not sure...
Conceptions Of Existence - Dave's creativity on display
Blood And Darkness - what are these drawings???
S.O.L.D.I.E.R.- Dave's latest (and greatest?) strip
F.U.S.S.- Dave's technoish compositions
All of these sites can be accessed at ATP Productions

Miscellaneous Sites - A huge site with Zelda, the Sims and Nintendo! There's also cheats, game reviews, downloads and more!
The Weekly Giggle- loads of laughs, and so much more!
DragunFyre Studios- Cory Reeve's site.  Lots to keep you amused and entertained.
Slings And Arrows- killer weekly humor column by Jonathan P. Bernick.  Good reading here, I promise!
The Crack Up! - it'll increase the circulation to your funny bone!
Kick Granny- again, no grannies were kicked, etc., etc.  Killer humor site here  'nother humor site.  You'll bust a gut laughing! you won't find much mo' fun anywhere else on the 'net!
Teens Helping Teens- Very important site.  Contains information on all types of abuse, and how to deal with it.
E.C. Boone Ltd. - where I used to work.
GeoCities - since the last Bruno page was here, I figure I owe 'em a link.
Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator - this site's a riot!  Go on, give it a try!
Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character- a site that can read your mind!!!  Spooky!
Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, In Words of Four Letters or Less- Now you too can understand what ol' Al was going on about!!

Bruno the Bandit Translation Sites

Bruno der Bandit- The German site, courtesy of Heike Brand
Bruno, a Bandita-  The Hungarian Site, courtesy of Peter Varga

Whew! That's some list, huh? Fiona and I both think that you will enjoy visiting these Internet "hot spots". But if any of these links don't seem to be working properly, please drop us a line, and let us know about it. Also, have I forgotten to link to your page?  If you don't see your page up here, and think it belongs somewhere on the list, let me know about it.  And while we're at it, we'd like to offer our sincerest thanks and a big, wet, sloppy kiss to all those folks kind enough to provide a link to the Bruno the Bandit page.