My Dragon*Con Pics
(Or, what I did on my Summer Vacation)

As promised, here's a snazzy selection of snapshots I snagged while I was at the Con.  Ladies, get ready: you finally get to see what a handsome young lad I truly am! ;-)  And so, without further ado, the photos:

Here I am, with a copy of my book.  Told you I was handsome! To my right, Plan Nine Publisher David Allen rushes forward to make a sale!  Thanks to Reyer Withrow for sending me this picture.


Here I am, mugging it up with some of the best cartoonists in the business.  Standing are Thomas (Newshounds) Dye, and Pete (Sluggy Freelance) Abrams.  Seated from left to right are Darren Bleuel (responsible for Nukees, and co-founder of Keenspot), Jeffrey (General Protection Fault) Darlington, yours truly, and Bill (Kevin & Kell, On the Fastrack, Safe Havens), Holbrook.  Thanks to Keri Darlington for taking this pic, and the next.

Thomas and Pete managed to get out while the getting was good, but here's Darren, Jeff, me and Bill again.

Duane (Zed) Abel tries to cheer up a rather somber Terrence (Unlike Minerva) Marks.  To the left, Jeff Darlington tries to ignore my picture taking, while on the right, Jeff's wife Keri keeps a suspicious eye on things.

Pete Abrams wandered into this picture I took of Plan Nine employees Teresa and Cindy.  Notice the homicidal-looking Bun-Bun in the lower left of the pic.

Terry Austin of Hyperbooks, and David Allen insisted on having their pictures taken as well. Here as well is David's wife Lisa.

The infamous Plan Nine Publishing Blimp, carrying the hopes and dreams of online cartoonists everywhere.  Or at least it would have, if the ceilings hadn't been so damn low!

Darren Bleuel dazzles Duane Abel (and some other guy) with his juggling skills.

By the time these Imperial Storm Troopers arrived on the scene, all the Bruno the Bandit books had been sold.  They were most unhappy about this, so...

And finally, here I am again, this time with a lovely young Lieutenant Uhura lookalike.  You'll notice she has a Plan Nine booklet in her hand.  I'm also modelling an almost-as-lovely Fiona T-shirt.  Thanks to Bill Holbrook for taking this picture.

Ya want more pics???  Then bop on over to the GPF site!!